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 LYRICS © Lλmbdancer 2016



Some try to tell me that this life we live and all its beauty

is mere chance, a random mishap or a giant blunder.

Simple creatures for which there is no rhyme or reason

Ripened features with every single passing season.

Ive treasured up a lot of questions for the ones who feel

there is no magic or romantic side to this ordeal.

Many times Ive laid awake at night for hours wondering

I'm sure there's meaning, I know there's something.


I'm going out of my mind


Was it a bang, a big bang?

Did we explode out of nothing?

Expand our way to this and this is really something!

Was it all just random, just a stroke of luck?

That there's always five petals on a buttercup?

Was it a fish that jumped out and crawled up on the sand?

Eating funny mushrooms, tripping out unto the land.

Were we apes before we grew like Lucy up on two.

Did Adam make Eve for himself to get him through?

Where was a place called Atlantis? You know it could be true

There are many lost cities underneath the ocean blue.

Were the pyramids ours or did the aliens descend?

Is that our missing link are we a hybrid blend?


I'm going out of my mind


Did we move huge rocks over a hundred miles?

And if we did how did we do it in those ancient times?

What lies outside the boundaries of our Universe?

Is it possible that beings exist beyond existence?

Is there another me, another three at further distance?

If I go through a black hole will I see another solar system?

Are the crop circles pictograms of ancient wisdom

or a form of extraterrestrial communication?

Do you really think money's gunna make you happy?

Do you think that love and kindness and all that stuff is kinda tacky?

Do you believe that your free or do your house and car keys

come at a price, trade off some life.

Never mind we'll watch the telly.



Feeling like a mouse in a maze these days, now that I'm here what should I do?

Bumping my head off every ones corners tryin' to stay true and follow through.

My greedy ears heard many things over the years, some things I cant un-hear.

My greedy eyes drank in all that they could see and read.

My heart all that it could find.

I want to know the truth!

Why are we not being told whats really going on?

Blamed for what we didn't do and what we didn't want. Life is supposed to be fun!

I want to know the truth!

Forgive yourself, the earth beneath your feet is alive.

We're part of it, and we're only in the middle of act 5.

Forget the shit, embrace the waves of awakening that's right

We're part of it and we're only in the middle of act 5

Don't take the piss, this is serious.

You know your very life, is at stake, its make or break here in the middle of act 5.

Change your way, be awake, we can find a way to thrive.

Truth be told, they have no hold in the middle of act 5.

I want to know the truth

(and we're only in the middle of act 5).



You can't drink the ocean with a fork, its simple logic.

You didn't fly in with a stork, its common knowledge.

You know that you know that you know that deep down

There's a thin red line between blindness and a blockage.

You've gotta get your magic eye back into focus

Perception deception, slight of hand goes un-noticed

Nobodies more scared in life than a tyrant

With their backs to the wall, we all walk on compliant.

Living in a mad house

Moving in a mad house

Raised in a mad house

You are eternal and the world is moving through you

Left brain ball and chained you down to confuse you

We are all one and everything is love

Doesn't make money for who put themselves above

Piggy backing like its a game to be played but

I'm not playing docile debt slave

Spending my gift of life working for nothing

You can think again, I will transcend, Its something stunning.

I'm made of star stuff, that's gotta count for something

I come from who knows where and I don't know where I'm going

And I'll never bow down, roll over while knowing

We were meant for more than this

More than they are ever showing

Living in a mad house

Moving in a mad house

Raised in a mad house, madhouse

Its all a load of lies and I'll never stop telling

Stop telling stop telling stop buying what they're selling

Its all a load of lies and I'll never stop telling telling

Never stop telling stop buying what they're selling

Living in a mad house

Moving in a mad house

Raised in a mad house




When I was a child I did as I was told

Followed the crowd and believed it was the way

When I grew older, another story unfold

I learned about the truth of their pain.

There are creatures hear born into bondage

Days old and tethered

Marked for death, sold down the river used up and weathered.

Taken from the ones who love them

Ripped from their mothers breast.

Squeezed of all they can offer before being put to death.

Tell me now how is this right?

We take them like thieves in the night

When we don't even need their lives

We don't need meat to survive.

My body's not a graveyard

I believe in love and consciousness

I believe in peace and harmony

I believe in showing kindness to all living things all living things

There is another way to fill your plate grow food in your garden

Support your local growers, visit farmers markets .

Eat your fill of every vegetable, spring forth in abundance

Potatoes, carrots, parsnip, peas, broccoli and onions

Rice, pasta, beans

Everyday I eat my greens

You don't have to kill to eat

A vegan meal and I'm replete

My body's not a graveyard, no no no

Because they don't have our voices

Because they don't speak our language

Because they have as much right as we do

To live out their lives with a field of view

Because I see their suffering

Because I feel their pain

Singing out for you to see them

We don't need to play this game

This is a voice for the voiceless

This is a voice for the voiceless

My body's not a graveyard no, no, no!



I have just discovered a way to make you feel

Everything you think you know becomes unreal

Relax into the mood the groove the beat

We're going an a journey.

You're in the driving seat

It's good to MOVE!



I'm taking it one day at a time

Think I heard that in a nursery rhyme

High walking a thin line

Taking it one day at a time

Don't look behind my eyes

I'll be fine


On the planet in the body of a human

At this time

I find

Its nice to be kind

But not everybody agrees

Not everybody see's

And so

I'll hide below

This skin

Burrow deep down and

Settle in

Come out every now'n'again

To smell the air

and lick the rain


Taking it one day at a time

Another hill to climb

I'll get there and shine

Taking it one day at a time

Some time to realign

I'll be fine

I'll be fine.




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